Robots are more and more among humans in different scenarios and contexts, such as industries, houses, restaurants, and construction sites. Either working directly with humans as direct contact handlers or assembling different parts, robots often need to perform tasks that require physical interaction with objects, other robots or people.

And as the amount of robots grow in our midst, physical robot interaction requirements will also be more demanding and challenging, which might call for different controller designs and paradigms.

To properly control physical interaction is critical in both manipulation and collaborative tasks in unstructured environments where contact forces exist. However, most industrial robots in industry do not have interaction controllers available at hand. Therefore, they are not suitable for collaborative tasks, which is a trend in this field. Also, wearable robotic devices, as exoskeletons and rehabilitation, are also motivators for a deeper comprehension of physical robot interaction.

This half-day workshop will bring together key researchers of academia and industry to discuss the potential, the implementation, and limitations of physical robot interaction applications and controllers.


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